Pedestrian safety

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has recently issued a press release about their draft of the State Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. At this time, they’re requesting a public review of the plan, which includes a variety of new policies and actions aimed at increasing pedestrian and bicycling across the State of California. Their ultimate goal is to double walking and triple bicycling trips by the year 2020. The draft plan, “Toward an Active California, State Bicycle + Pedestrian Plan” outlines objectives associated with safety, mobility, preservation and social equity.

“Toward an Active California”

Caltrans’ multifaceted approach to increasing bicycle and pedestrian traffic will focus on challenges and issues associated with the current safety and infrastructure of these modes of transportation. In addition to looking forward to better and more efficient infrastructure and safety measures, Caltrans is hoping to work with and complement local and regional efforts to implement similar plans for increasing active forms of transportation around the state. The plan also includes safety and practices from locations across the globe where active transportation networks are safe and successful.

Community Feedback for Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

At this time, Caltrans is calling on community members to provide feedback on their draft plan. Caltrans will be holding a variety of meetings and webinars online and in-person throughout the Month of February. Community members and stakeholders are encouraged to submit their feedback, comments, questions, and concerns no later than March 10, 2017. A final draft of the plan is expected to be completed in April.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety in San Diego

Unfortunately, pedestrians and cyclists continue to be two of the most vulnerable roadway user groups in California and across the nation. With distracted driving on the rise, these roadway users simply don’t have the same level of safety and protections as occupants in traditional passenger occupant vehicles. Even with helmets and other safety gear, collisions involving pedestrians and bicycle riders can be devastating.

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