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The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) recently issued a press release about their upcoming efforts to increase public outreach regarding involvement in transportation planning and programming processes. Their Public Participation Plan (PPP) has been released for review, and they’re hoping to increase public outreach through an enhanced web presence and social media posting. Ultimately, officials with Caltrans hope these efforts will increase public engagement and feedback about upcoming projects and proposals.

Meaningful and Ongoing Public Involvement

The ultimate goal with the PPP is to create meaningful and ongoing public involvement regarding various transportation issues throughout the State of California. This will be particularly important as more sustainable transportation systems are phased in. Early feedback for projects involving pedestrian and bicycle traffic can really make a difference in the planning stages. Caltrans needs to hear from Californians on a variety of upcoming transportation projects that will directly impact their everyday lives. Tax dollars are paying for these projects, and Californians have a right to have a say in how their transportation systems are being planned and designed. Listed below are the five guiding principles for the Public Participation Plan.

Caltrans’ Public Participation Plan Principles

  • Clarify the transportation planning and programming processes.
  • Convey the impact and relevance of transportation issues to the public.
  • Explain how and when the public can influence State, regional and local transportation policies and projects.
  • Engage a broad spectrum of California’s diverse population.
  • Continually re-evaluate the effectiveness of the public participation process.

Car Accidents in California

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