california personal injury lawyersCaltrans to Increase Walking and Biking Statewide

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) recently issued a press release about their action plan and funding to increase walking and cycling statewide. According to Caltrans, they have a $100 million funding commitment for active transportation improvements across the state. Officials with Caltrans are hopeful that an expansion of these active transportation opportunities will help to reduce the dependence of driving and promote safety and emphasize social equity by reconnecting communities that have been previously divided by high-speed large-vehicle roadways.


Caltrans’ Action Plan For Cyclist and Pedestrian Infrastructure

Caltrans will be working to develop an action plan with the California Walk/Bike Technical Advisory Committee. They hope to identify bicycle and pedestrian-focused needs in communities across the State of California. They play to add more dedicated bicycle lanes and walking paths with an emphasis on safety components for these roadway users.


SHOPP Project for Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements

The funding commitment, approved through the 2020 State Highway Operation and Protection Program (SHOPP), will provide an additional $100 million for projects that are specifically involved with bicycle and pedestrian traffic. At this time, over 40 percent of all 900 SHOPP project investments involve integrating bicycle and pedestrian improvements on California roadways.


Community Engagement for Cyclist and Pedestrian Traffic

Ensuring that the new pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure works for users, the SHOPP funding and action plan includes a very important public engagement element. Officials with Caltrans have been communicating with local stakeholders to identify where cycling and walking improvements need to be made in communities. Caltrans is helping community leaders engage their public to get important feedback about where and how these projects can best meet the needs of cyclists and pedestrians.


Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents in San Diego

Pedestrians and cyclists are still two of the most vulnerable user groups on roadways in California and across the nation. Hopefully, the funding for these projects can help to improve infrastructure and safety for cyclists and pedestrians throughout the state.

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