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The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) just issued a press release about awarding $9.2 million for Sustainable Transportation Planning Grants for local governments and agencies across the state. These grants will go towards planning efforts to integrate transit, cycling and walking into existing local transportation plans. There are plans for research and development of complete streets, connectivity, multimodal transportation, transit hubs, station areas, corridors, active transportation and community outreach and engagement in a variety of cities and towns in California. These grants aren’t just aimed at improving sustainability and transportation choices for people in California. They could also improve safety for all roadway users.

Addressing Transportation Deficiencies

According to Caltrans, approximately $1.5 million in grant money has been awarded for Strategic Partnership grants. These grants are designed to encourage regional agencies to partner with Caltrans in addressing deficiencies in the state highway system. There is plenty of room for improvement on many of California’s highways. Caltrans is hoping to improve and strengthen government-to-government relationships during this process. In addition to partnerships and projects across the state, there will also be a focus on traffic system improvements. Ultimately, these plans can help to increase safety on highways throughout the state.

Public Engagement and Sustainable Transportation

Additional funds are also going to grants associated with planning for the mobility needs in a variety of different communities. Caltrans is counting on the input of motorists and roadway users to aid in their planned improvements and traffic system developments. Their plan of active public engagement aims to bring in collaboration with communities, organizations, agencies and groups all over California. It’s important to note that these grants are specifically earmarked for planning purposes. The idea is to take the first step towards implementation by creating plans and actionable projects that will improve sustainability and safety for transportation across the State of California.

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