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The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) recently issued a press release about the importance of properly securing loads in pickup trucks. Who hasn’t driven cautiously behind a truck filled to the brim with junk or debris? Poorly secured mattresses or other types of furniture are also a huge problem. While unsecured loads are certainly an ecological litter issue, they’re also a major safety issue on roadways in California. Even small items that fly out of an unsecured vehicle can become dangerous roadway hazards. When it comes to hauling items in pickup trucks, officials with Caltrans are urging people to make sure their loads are secure.


Loose Cargo Creates Roadway Hazards

Loose cargo is more than just a litter problem. It’s a very serious safety issue.

Depending upon the size and trajectory of the item, it could damage the vehicle behind the truck or even go through the windshield and injure a passenger occupant. Debris in the roadway may also cause drivers to swerve or stop unexpectedly. From tree limbs and furniture to garbage or boxes, make sure your load is secured before hitting the road.


Secure Your Truck’s Load

If you plan to move furniture or just about anything in your truck, it’s a good idea to invest in a set of tie downs. These ratchet straps can be indispensible in keeping your loads secured. If you’re moving a bunch of small items, it may also be helpful to secure the load with a tarp in addition to the tie down straps. You can never be too careful, so make sure your load is as secure as possible before getting behind the wheel.


Preventing Accidents Caused by Loose Cargo

Car accidents caused by loose cargo are 100-percent preventable. When people take the extra time necessary to secure their loads, they’re ensuring all of their cargo gets to the next destination safely and securely.

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