Wrong Way driver detection

Caltrans’ Wrong-Way Driver Detection Deployment

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) recently released a “News Flash” about the deployment of their wrong-way driver detection system. Due to several of fatal and injury-causing wrong-way crash incidents on California roadways, Caltrans has stepped up to the plate in efforts to reduce the likelihood of these dangerous and preventable crashes. This two-year long pilot program has three main components associated with reducing and preventing wrong-way driving. Additionally, data will be collected so traffic-safety researchers can better understand wrong-way driving and the efficacy of measures being deployed. At this time, the wrong-way driver detection program is being deployed in San Diego and Sacramento.

Alerting Wrong-Way Drivers

First and foremost, Caltrans wants to stop wrong-way drivers in their tracks. Alerting drivers to their errors before wrecks happen could save countless lives. Caltrans has added additional reflective pavement markers in areas where there are likely to be wrong-way drivers. These reflectors are red to alert drivers that they’re going the wrong way. Also, there will be a second set of wrong-way signs, and the signs will have flashing red lights that turn on when a wrong-way vehicle is detected.

Wrong-Way Driver Detection System

There will also be a wrong-way detection system that alerts traffic management centers about these drivers in real time. In addition to detecting and alerting traffic management centers, a photograph will also be taken of the wrong-way driver. This part of the program will get information to first responders as quickly as possible.

Data Collection About Wrong-Way Drivers

Finally, video cameras have been setup to shoot footage of wrong-way drivers. Researchers will use this footage and other data in efforts to better understand why wrong-way driving happens and what counter measures are most effective. At the end of the two-year pilot program, Caltrans will take a look at all the data collected and determine what the next steps are in reducing injury causing and potentially fatal wrong-way crashes across the State of California.

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