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If you commute by car on a daily basis, there’s a high chance that you will be involved in an accident. While most crashes are bumper-to-bumper scrapes or minor fender benders, there are those that can lead to catastrophic injuries and long-term health complications. If you were injured in a wreck caused by someone else, our Castaic car accident attorneys may be able to help you recover compensation for the damages you incurred. 

From car accidents to dog bites to slip and falls, our legal team has handled—and won—a wide variety of different types of personal injury cases. Contact us today at 1-800-GO-HARRIS to discuss your situation with an attorney.  

What Mistakes Should I Avoid during Proceedings? 

Even if you didn’t play a role in causing the accident, it’s still possible that you could make serious mistakes that might lead to disputes during proceedings. As such, you will have to consider your actions carefully as even a minor error could result in the denial of your claim.  

Let’s take a look at a few common mistakes you should avoid until your case has been resolved: 

  • You Provided a Recorded Statement: The claims adjuster may contact you for a recorded statement. While he or she may assure you that they just want to hear your side of the story, insurance adjusters often ask questions intended to evoke specific responses that could be used as evidence to challenge your credibility. As such, it may be in your best interests to let your attorney oversee all correspondence with the insurer and other opposing parties. 
  • You Posted about the Accident on Social Media: Whether you published a post detailing the grisly details of the wreck or you uploaded pictures of your injuries, there are many ways your social media activity could be used to dispute aspects of your case. For instance, your firsthand account of the accident could be misrepresented or taken out of context by the insurer to minimize their liability. As such, you should abstain from using social media for the duration of proceedings. In most cases, it’s best to disable your accounts while your claim is pending. 
  • You Took Too Long to Seek Medical Treatment: If you took days or even weeks to seek medical treatment after the wreck, there’s a high likelihood you will face disputes. For example, the insurer might argue that your injuries stem from a different incident as the date of your medical evaluation does not correspond with the date of the accident.  
  • You Ignored Your Healthcare Provider’s Instructions: Whether your doctor has instructed you to take time off work to let your injuries heal, avoid physical activity, or attend follow-ups, you should never deviate from their instructions. Doing so could result in the insurer arguing that you were negligent and that your actions aggravated your condition. In such situations, you might be held liable for some of your damages.  

What Damages Might Be Recoverable in My Case? 

A serious car wreck can result in a wide range of different losses, from direct costs such as your medical expenses to the intangible effects of your injuries such as loss of enjoyment in life and emotional distress. Based on your situation, there may be many different types of damages that might be recoverable in your personal injury case. 

Our legal team can help investigate the wreck, gather the necessary evidence to prove liability, causation, and damages, and use widely-accepted methods to approximate fair compensation for the losses you’ve incurred. We might also bring in expert witnesses to assist with these estimations. For instance, if your injuries will impede your ability to return to work in the future, we may consult with an economist to help approximate the value of future lost wages. 

Let’s take a look at a few different types of damages that might be available in your personal injury case: 

  • Loss of Enjoyment in Life: After a serious wreck, your injuries may prevent you from engaging in activities that—prior to the accident—brought you joy. For instance, you may be unable to engage in your favorite hobbies, exercise, or spend time with your family. In such situations, you may be able to recover compensation for loss of enjoyment in life. 
  • Lost Wages: If you were unable to return to work after the wreck, you may be able to recover compensation for any wages you lost while you were recovering from your injuries. Evidence that could help you prove such losses can include letters from your employer, paystubs, tax returns, and expert witness deposition. 
  • Reduced Earning Potential: Permanent disabilities and catastrophic injuries might prevent you from returning to the same field of work you were doing before the accident. Some car accident victims are never able to work again. At HPIL, we can consult with economists and vocational experts to determine whether your condition has affected your earning potential and help estimate reasonable compensation for such damages. 
  • Emotional Distress: Have you suffered fright, anxiety, shock, humiliation, worry, anguish, or shame due to the accident and/or your injuries? You may be able to recover compensation for emotional distress. 
  • Medical Expenses: In a personal injury case, the cost of medical treatments often makes up the lion’s share of the eventual settlement or verdict. You will need access to up-to-date medical records to prove such damages. You may also be able to seek compensation for medical expenses that—due to your injuries—you will likely incur in the future. 

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