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Rideshare apps have changed how we travel, putting a quick ride in the palm of our hands. While finding a trip is as simple as tapping a button, filing a personal injury claim after a wreck involving a rideshare driver is anything but. At HPIL, our Castaic Uber and Lyft accident attorneys can grab the reins, helping oversee the logistics of your case so you can focus on other matters. 

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How Much Is My Rideshare Accident Claim Worth? 

If you were seriously hurt in a rideshare wreck, it’s likely that your expenses are adding up at a head-spinning pace. To make matters even worse, your injuries may prevent you from returning to work, depriving you and your family of the wages you need to start paying off your mounting debts. 

Naturally, you’re likely eager to find out how much your claim might be worth. While we cannot guarantee a specific amount—no attorney or law firm can—we can help investigate the accident and assess the available evidence to approximate fair compensation for your losses. 

Here are a few questions your personal injury lawyer may ask during the initial consultation:  

  • Were You Unable to Work Due to Your Injuries? If your condition impedes your ability to do your job and/or is likely to do so in the future, you may be able to seek compensation for both past and future lost earnings. The value of such losses can depend on a wide variety of factors such as the period of time you were unable to work, your salary prior to the accident, and whether your injuries have affected your income earning potential. Your attorney may consult with expert witnesses such as economists and vocational experts to help estimate fair compensation for lost earnings. 
  • How Serious Are Your Injuries? A catastrophic injury or permanent disability will usually warrant far more in compensation than relatively minor injuries as victims tend to incur considerable medical expenses and experience a greater degree of pain and suffering. 
  • Did You Make Any Mistakes? While you may possess strong evidence to demonstrate liability, causation, and damages, that doesn’t mean a positive outcome is a foregone conclusion in your case. Any mistakes you make after the accident could come back to haunt you, leading to reductions to your financial award or the outright denial of your claim. For example, if you posted about the accident on Facebook, your comments could be misrepresented or taken out of context to dispute liability. Alternatively, if your primary care physician ordered you to take time off work to let your injuries heal, but you went against their instructions, the insurer may launch a dispute over failure to mitigate damages. 
  • Did You Have to Pay For Any Repairs? If any of your personal property was damaged or destroyed in the rideshare wreck, you may be able to recover compensation for the expense of repairing or replacing it.  

What Should I Bring to My Free Case Review with a Personal Injury Attorney? 

Meeting with a personal injury attorney to discuss your rideshare accident case can give you the answers you need to make informed decisions about your claim. While you can show up to your case review empty handed and still benefit from this meeting, it pays to be prepared. Bringing along certain items such as evidence you gathered at the scene, copies of your medical records, and other proof that might play a role in your case will give your attorney an opportunity to assess this information and start mapping out their investigation. 

Let’s take a look at a few of these items in closer detail: 

  • A Written Account of the Accident: In a rideshare wreck claim, it’s not uncommon for seemingly insignificant details to play a major role in your fight for a fair settlement. For instance, if you saw surveillance cameras near the accident scene, the footage they captured may help corroborate your version of events. As such, you should take time immediately after the accident to write a detailed account of what happened. This information could help guide your attorney’s investigation into the collision. 
  • Medical Records: To obtain a financial award for a serious injury, you will need to provide proof of the losses you incurred. Medical documents will not only show the types of treatment you require, but can also help demonstrate the severity of your injuries and the costs associated with the necessary healthcare interventions. You should always make sure to seek medical treatment as soon as possible after a wreck as a delayed diagnosis could lead to liability and damages disputes during proceedings. 
  • Evidence from the Scene: Did you take pictures or videos of the wreck? Did you speak to eyewitnesses? Were you able to obtain a copy of the official accident report? You should bring along this evidence to share with your attorney during the initial consultation. 
  • Correspondence with Opposing Parties: If you spoke to the insurer or an opposing party, you should save copies of this correspondence to share with your rideshare accident attorney during your free case review. It’s possible you may have said something that could lead to disputes, so your lawyer will want to look at these conversations to prepare for any defenses that might arise.  

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