Police Death (2)

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) just issued a press release about the recent death of a CHP motorcycle officer. A few weeks ago, Officer Lucas F. Chellew was involved in a crash that happened during a pursuit on Fruitridge Road, east of State Route 99, in the South Sacramento area. Although first responders rushed to the scene and worked tirelessly in an effort to stabilize and transport Officer Chellew to the University of California, Davis, Medical Center, for treatment, he did not survive his injuries. Very few details about this fatal crash have been released, we do know that the collision is still under investigation with the CHP.

First-Responder Safety in California

We often think of sensational news stories and movie plots involving sinister criminal masterminds as the most common dangers that first responders and law enforcement officers face on a daily basis, it’s critical to understand just how dangerous responding to and being involved in traffic safety work truly is. For many law enforcement officers, especially those in the CHP, the roadways can be the most dangerous part of the job. Whether it’s a high-speed car chase or simply responding to a broken down vehicle or traffic violation besides a busy roadway, law enforcement officers put their safety and their lives on the line to serve and protect communities across California.

Improving Roadway Safety for First Responders

Motorists around California can improve ‘workplace’ safety for first responders like CHP officers every day. Making a commitment to distraction-free driving is one of the most important components of keeping roadways in California and across the nation safe. Keeping your attention on the road, and off distractions, will mean you’re ready to react and drive safely and defensively if an emergency happens in the roadway. If you’re texting or talking on your phone, you’re not going to see a critical roadway emergency or a first responder beside the highway with enough time to take appropriate and safe action. CHP officers and other first responders and roadway workers are counting on motorists to pay attention behind the wheel to keep their workplaces safe.

California Traffic Safety

In addition to abstaining from distractions behind the wheel, motorists are also reminded to observe and abide by all local, state and national traffic safety laws. The team at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. sends their deepest heartfelt condolences to the family members, friends, loved ones and colleagues of Officer Chellew.

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