2018 Driving Laws

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) recently issued a press release regarding new laws about traffic safety issues that were approved by the Legislature in 2017. These laws include issues involving cannabis consumption, set belts on buses and pedestrian signals. Listed below are the new laws and what you need to know about them.

  • Alcohol and marijuana in vehicles (SB 65, Hill)
  • Administration of cannabis laws in California (SB 94, Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review)
  • Pedestrian crossing signals (AB 390, Santiago)
  • Seat belts on buses (SB 20, Hill)

Alcohol and Marijuana in Vehicles

Under this law, smoking or ingesting cannabis while driving or riding in a vehicle is prohibited. This is also consistent with the current law prohibiting the consumption of alcohol in a vehicle.

Administration of Cannabis Laws in California

Under this bill, there will be an established single system of administration for cannabis laws in the state. This will include a $3 million appropriation for the CHP to train state and local law enforcement officers in drug recognition and impairment. Additionally, there is also a section prohibiting the possession of an open container of cannabis or cannabis product while operating a motor vehicle. This law went into effect on June 27, 2017,

Pedestrian Crossing Signals

This law is aimed at providing clear standards for pedestrian behaviors at intersections controlled by traffic control signals and countdown timers. Pedestrians will be permitted to begin crossing an intersection while facing a flashing “DON’T WALK” or “Upraised Hand” symbol if the traffic signal also includes a countdown timer and the pedestrian can complete the crossing before the signal changes to a stead “DON’T WALK” or “Upraised Hand” signal.

Seat Belts on Buses

Finally, starting July 1, 2018, the driver and passengers of tour buses will be required to be properly restrained by seat belts if the buses are equipped with them. Passengers will still be allowed to move about the cabin. Tour bus operators will be required to ensure that the seat belts are in good working order and to inform passengers of the legal requirement to buckle up. School buses and transit buses are excluded from this bill.

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