california chp summer road trip safety covid19CHP on Road Trip Safety During COVID-19

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) recently issued a press release about road trip safety during the COVID-19 health crisis. Officials with the CHP are acknowledging that road trips are going to look a little different this summer. One of the main issues associated with the current healthcare crisis is that cars have likely been sitting for a few months. When vehicles have been sitting without running, they might have additional maintenance issues. This can lead to a higher risk for breaking down if you’re on a road trip.

In addition to making sure vehicles are properly maintained and roadworthy for travel, officials with the CHP are also reminding drivers that less congested roadways are not a free pass for speeding and other aggressive behaviors behind the wheel. Listed below are some of the CHP’s safety tips for 2020 summer road trips.



CHP Safety Tips For 2020 Summer Road Trips

  • Always drive sober.
  • Never drive distracted.
  • Make sure all vehicle maintenance is up to date, including tires.
  • Program any mapping systems, whether on a GPS machine or your phone, prior to getting behind the wheel.
  • Buckle up for every trip, every time.
  • Never leave pets, children or the elderly in a vehicle alone for any length of time.
  • Expect road construction and plan for delays, and always be “work zone alert.”


Speeding In The Time of COVID

During the current COVID-19 health crisis, a major problem on roadways in California has been an increase in speeding violations. With fewer vehicles on the roads, some drivers have taken to speeding. We’re not talking about just a few miles per hour over either. We’re talking about speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. This puts motorists at a significantly increased risk of injury causing and potentially fatal crashes.


Car Accidents in San Diego

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