The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has recently issued a press release about their upcoming increased usage of Automated Citation Devices throughout the state. These devices are essentially small handheld computers that produce electronically generated citations (eCitations). These eCitations are automatically sent directly to the local traffic court. Although these devices have been in use since the 2012 pilot program, the CHP hasn’t fully deployed them for maximum impact on California roadways.

Automated Citation Devices in California

In addition to the three initial CHP offices of Westminster, Santa Ana and Capistrano, the Automated Citation Devices are going to be utilized in seven additional counties including Sacramento, Santa Clara, San Bernardino, Orange, Fresno, Merced and Kings, and this fall, CHP officers in Los Angeles County will also have the devices on hand. Next year, additional CHP offices and counties throughout the State of California will be equipped with Automated Citation Devices.

Roadside Safety for CHP Officers

Since the biggest threat to trooper safety is potentially getting hit by a car while working on the roadside, CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow is hoping that these Automated Citation Devices will cut down on the amount of time officers spend standing vulnerably beside busy roadways. The quicker the citation can be made, the more time troopers will have to assist motorists in trouble and the faster they can get back in their vehicles to continue patrolling. Additionally, the eCitations will greatly cut the amount of paper waste being made by the CHP and cut down on the clerical work.

Looking Forward With eCitations

Officials with the CHP are also hoping that the eCitation program will help to provide greater accuracy and real-time statistics to departments, so that communities can be more effectively responded to. Over the next few months, drivers who speed or violate other traffic safety laws in 10 different areas throughout California can expect to see, firsthand, the implementation of the Automated Citation Devices.

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