The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is hoping to get the word out about their Senior Driver Mobility Program. The Age Well Drive Smart program is a free educational course for seniors and their loved ones in California. The program was designed to help reduce the number of injury causing and fatal motor vehicle and pedestrian crashes experienced by elderly California drivers and to increase alternative transportation options for them when driving is no longer a safe option. These classes are perfect for family members who are ready to have ‘the talk,’ but who are not sure how to go about it. Listed below are some of the topics covered in the CHP’s Senior Driver Mobility Program.

Age Well Drive Smart Program Topics

  • Myths and stereotypes about older drivers
  • Taking control of your driving future
  • You can be a better driver
  • When is it time to give up the keys?
  • Life after driving
  • Driving for all ages

Elderly Driving Challenges

A variety of factors impact the ability for us to drive safely as we age. Deteriorating vision is one of the more difficult challenges to deal with. Good vision is absolutely essential for safe driving. Physical and cognitive changes can also make driving less than safe when we get older. If you’re concerned about how your health and age-related changes could impact your ability to be a safe driver, it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor, family members and take an Age Well Drive Smart class from the CHP.

Older Driver Crash Statistics

  • In 2014, there were 5,709 people aged 65 years and older killed in traffic crashes.
  • An estimated 221,000 older adults (65 years and older) were injured in traffic crashes in 2014.
  • Older adults made up 17 percent of all traffic fatalities in 2014.
  • Between 2005 and 2014, the percentage of older drivers on U.S. roadways has gone from 15 percent to 18 percent.

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