california personal injury lawyersCHP: Stay at Home Order is Not a License to Speed 

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) just issued a press release about the disturbing new trend in speeding on California roadways. With fewer cars on the road due to the stay-at-home orders, there has been an increase in speeding drivers. It’s not just that there are more speeding violations, it’s that the drivers are going up to 90 miles per hour and higher in some areas. According to the CHP, citations have gone up 87 percent for violators going more than 100 miles per hour.


Decreased Traffic is Not an Invitation to Speed

In their press release, the CHP announced that they are beginning a joint effort with the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) to urge drivers to slow down during the pandemic. Decreased traffic and less congested roadways are not a free pass to drive as fast as you want. Between March 19 and April 19, the CHP has issued 2,493 speeding citations for drivers going more than 100 miles per hour. During that same time period last year, there were 1,335 similar citations issued.


Injuries Associated With High-Speed Crashes 

When it comes to automobile collisions, there is a significant link between the severity of injuries and the speed of vehicles. The faster a car is going at the time of impact, the worse the damage is going to be. Not only are injuries worse in crashes involving excessive speeds, but the chance of death is also greatly increased.


Car Accidents Caused by Speeding Drivers 

At this time, officials with the CHP are stepping up their efforts to catch speeding drivers. They’re also hoping to deter motorists from driving too fast using their more than 700 electronic highway signs to display safety-related messages such as “IF YOU MUST TRAVEL DO NOT SPEED,” and “KEEP ESSENTIAL WORKERS SAFE DO NOT SPEED.”

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