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The California Highway Patrol (CHP) just issued a press release reminding motorists to stop for school buses during National School Bus Safety Week and all yearlong. This year, National School Bus Safety Week, October 16-20, the CHP is focusing on drivers that fail to stop for the flashing red lights of a school bus. Their theme “#STOPONRED” is helping to raise awareness about the importance of stopping for school buses with flashing red lights. Even though school buses are the statistically safest way to transport children to and from school, they’re not completely without risk. The most dangerous part about taking a school bus is getting on and off the bus.

Danger at The Bus Stop

According to the CHP, more children are killed during loading and unloading, while outside of the school bus, than while riding the bus. In fact, the State of California has not had a pupil passenger death on a school bus for more than two decades. If drivers fail to stop for the flashing lights of a school bus, children at the bus stop are put in great danger of injury or death. Distracted drivers who aren’t paying attention are endangering child pedestrians if they’re not paying attention in bus stop areas.

Vehicles Improperly Passing a School Bus

Earlier this year, the CHP enhanced their enforcement of passing school buses through their Vehicles Improperly Passing a School Bus (VIPS) project. The VIPS program helps to raise awareness about stopping for the flashing red lights and activated crossing arm of a school bus. Additionally, the program has also helped to encourage people to report any drivers who do illegally pass a school bus. In addition to education and enforcement efforts, the CHP is also tasked with inspecting over 24,000 school buses each year.

School Bus Safety in San Diego

In addition to raising awareness about stopping for school buses, it’s also a good idea to speak with children about bus stop safety. Remind them to remain vigilant at bus stops, because some drivers may be texting or distracted behind the wheel.
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