Summer Safety Behind The Wheel

CHP Summer Driving Safety Tips

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has recently issued a press release outlining their Summer Driving Safety Tips. School is out, families are hitting the road for summer vacation, and temperatures are climbing. Although everybody expects their summer to be carefree and relaxing, there are a few potential safety hazards unique to the warmer months. Below is the CHP’s list of potential summer driving safety hazards.

Potential Summer Driving Hazards

  • Leaving children or pets in vehicles.
  • More young and inexperienced drivers are on the road during the summer months.
  • More tourists and out-of-town visitors who are unfamiliar with roadways, exits and landmarks will be on the road.
  • Higher temperatures can create problems for tires and engines.
  • More cyclists and motorcycle riders are on the road.
  • Visibility can become reduced due to grass and forest fires.

Keeping Your Car on The Road

It’s no secret that the summer heat can be hard on vehicles. The best way to ensure your car is roadworthy is to keep up with regularly scheduled and routine maintenance. From oil changes to tire rotations, keeping your car in top shape is an important part of staying safe in the summer heat. Not only could you be stranded somewhere, but you could also have a tire blowout or some other type of mechanical emergency that could put your life or the lives of others at risk.

Buckle Up. Every Trip. Every Time

No matter what time of year it is, you should buckle up for every trip, every time. In the event of a car accident, the single most effective way to protect yourself and potentially save your own life is by buckling up. With school out, teens will likely be taking to the roadways and driving other teens around. Talk to your teen driver about the life-saving importance of buckling up.

Safe Driving This Summer

Even if you do everything right, you could still become injured in a car accident. Although you have no control over what other drivers are doing, you can take measures to improve your safety and the safety of your family this summer. Keep your vehicle maintained, never leave children or pets in parked cars, buckle up and talk to teens about safe driving this summer.

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