The California Highway Patrol (CHP) recently issued a press release about their efforts to help seniors stay sharp and stay safe. With the aging Baby Boomer population, the percentage of drivers age 65 and older continues to increase. Officials with the CHP are looking to help seniors maintain their ability to drive safely and sharply on roadways in California. With their Age Well, Drive Smart program, the CHP helps assist senior drivers by providing them with tools to remain safe and confident out on the road.

Educational Component of Age Well, Drive Smart

The Age Well, Drive Smart program is all about increasing awareness and education for senior drivers and their loved ones. The curriculum in the program covers up-to-date information on California traffic safety laws, safe driving practices and the impact of aging on a person’s ability to drive safely. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for senior drivers to detect the changes in their physical and mental condition that impact their safety behind the wheel. Part of the Age Well, Drive Smart program contains a self-assessment component to help seniors to identify certain changes and also offer possible corrective options to stay safe behind the wheel.

Empowering Seniors With Age Well, Drive Smart

The Age Well, Drive Smart program is all about empowering seniors. Having “the talk” or threatening to take a loved one’s keys away can be incredibly traumatic for seniors who have been independent for many decades. The Age Well, Drive Smart program empowers seniors and their loved ones and is a great way to assess driving safety and stay up-to-date on California driving laws. It’s a two-hour course, and it’s offered for free at CHP area offices, and a variety of other venues, including senior centers.

Car Accidents Involving Senior Drivers

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