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The California Highway Patrol (CHP) just issued a press release about their upcoming efforts to support senior driver safety across the state. Their grant-funded Age Well, Drive Smart program is specifically geared to providing senior drivers with the tools they need to stay safe, independent and confident on the road.

The one-year, $150,000 federal grant, Keeping Everyone Safe (KEYS), started on October 1, 2019, and will directly support the CHP’s senior driver safety programs. These programs will help to make sure senior drivers know safe driving practices and are up to date on current California Driving Laws.

Age-Related Changes Behind the Wheel

The aging process can lead to a variety of challenges for drivers. Aging impacts a person’s physical, mental, cognitive and sensory skills. Many of these changes can happen gradually, so a driver may not even be aware of how much has changed. The CHP believes in teaching senior drivers safe driving solutions rather than focusing on problems.

Part of the Age Well, Drive Smart program includes a self-assessment to help older drivers identify potential health changes and make corrections to continue driving safely. The Age Well, Drive Smart program isn’t about “taking the keys away.” It’s about empowering senior drivers and giving them the tools they need to drive safely on California roadways.

Educational Programs for Family Members

In addition to the self-assessment for senior drivers, the Age Well, Drive Smart program also provides education to seniors and their families. It’s important for families to be in the loop to help ensure seniors can drive safely for as many years as possible. It’s natural for family members, especially adult children, to worry about their senior loved ones. These educational programs can help to get everybody in the family on the same page.

The Age Well, Drive Smart program offers a free two-hour class at CHP area offices and a variety of other venues throughout California. If you or a family member would like to attend one, contact your local CHP office to get registered for the next class.

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