CHP’s Commercial Brake Safety Message

Officials with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) have just issued a press release regarding the importance of brake safety in commercial vehicles. This year, they’re focusing on commercial vehicles during the nationwide Brake Safety Week campaign, running from September 6-12, 2015. During this weeklong safety campaign, the CHP hopes to educate drivers, mechanics and other industry professionals on the importance of proper commercial vehicle brake safety, inspection and maintenance.

Brake Safety Week

In 2014, a total of 9,989 vehicles were inspected during Brake Safety Week. Of those, 1,524 vehicles were taken out of service. That means they were able to get over 1,500 unsafe vehicles off of the roadways. The CHP has more than 1,000 employees who are dedicated to enforcement of commercial vehicle safety issues. On average, they conduct 500,000 commercial vehicle inspections every year. Large tractor trailers are much heavier than traditional passenger vehicles, and even with properly maintained brakes, it takes longer for these vehicles to stop in emergencies, so brake maintenance is essential.

Commercial Truck Safety in California

Ensuring commercial truck drivers and trucking companies are complying with all federal and state laws is a top priority during Brake Safety Week. The CHP will participate in enforcement events, educational activities and even have booths and informational programs setup at truck stops and rest areas. Ultimately, the CHP hopes to reduce the number of injury-causing and fatal collisions caused by faulty braking systems on commercial vehicles in California.

Brake Safety in California

Brake Safety Week is a great time to raise awareness about brake safety issues and maintenance in all types of vehicles. This is a great time to have a service technician take a look at your brakes, especially if it’s been a while or if you hear any squealing or other strange noises when you hit the brakes. Keeping your brakes properly maintained or having older parts replaced when the time comes will help to keep you and your loved ones safe behind the wheel.

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