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The California Highway Patrol (CHP) recently issued a press release about their upcoming grant to improve cyclist and pedestrian safety across the state. They are getting a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that will help to improve safety for these vulnerable roadway user groups in the upcoming year. The grant money will go towards raising awareness about the importance of sharing the road with all roadway users. The CHP will also be able to increase enforcement of roadway safety issues that impact cyclists and pedestrians on a regular basis. Additionally, they will be able to focus on studying collision factors that lead to injuries and fatalities of pedestrians and cyclists.

California’s Vulnerable Roadway User Groups

Cyclists and pedestrians are two of the most vulnerable roadway user groups in California and across the nation. According to the CHP, bicycle and pedestrian fatalities account for 29 percent of roadway fatalities in the state. In 2015, there were at least 310 cyclists and pedestrians killed in crashes within the CHP jurisdiction. An additional 3,100 pedestrians and cyclists were injured during that timeframe. Officials with the CHP are hoping the grant funding will help to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians across the State of California.

California Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Enforcement and Education Project

In addition to raising awareness for the personal safety of cyclists and pedestrians at various events throughout the year, the California Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Enforcement and Education Project will also help to identify and target dangerous motorists behaviors. Enhancing enforcement of factors that are associated with injury-causing and potentially fatal bicycle and pedestrian crashes such as failing to yield to pedestrians, illegally passing school buses and other traffic violations will help to increase safety for vulnerable roadway users across the state.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accident Lawyers in California

Everybody is responsible for improving pedestrian and cyclist safety. Drivers need to share the road and make a commitment to distraction-free driving. Even crashes at relatively low speeds can be catastrophic or fatal for pedestrians and cyclists.

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