The California Highway Patrol (CHP) just issued a press release about their new grant to address dangerous driving habits. Their yearlong, grant-funded education and enforcement campaign is called Regulate Aggressive Driving and Reduce Speed (RADARS) III. This campaign is specifically designed to reduce the number of crashes where speed and other types of aggressive driving behaviors are the primary factors leading to death or injury. The RADARS program will include educational components aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of aggressive driving habits and also an enhanced enforcement element to catch and deter dangerous drivers.

California Dangerous Driving Stats

  • Speed was a factor in approximately 45 percent of all fatal and injury collisions in California during Federal Fiscal Year 2015-2016.
  • During that year, more than 36,000 speed-related crashes resulted in the death of more than 370 people across the state.
  • Nearly 53,000 people were injured in speed-related crashes in California during that time.

Types of Aggressive Driving

Speeding isn’t the only type of aggressive driving behavior. Improper turning, tailgating, following too closely, driving on the wrong side of the road and aggressively changing lanes can all be dangerous behaviors behind the wheel. The RADARS program will also be focusing on cracking down on street racing, which can combine a variety of dangerous and aggressive driving behaviors. Motorists are reminded to drive the speed limit and only at speeds that are safe for current roadway conditions.

After an Accident Caused by an Aggressive, Speeding Driver

Speeding, tailgating, aggressively changing lanes and other aggressive driving behaviors put motorists and other roadway users in great danger of injury causing or potentially fatal crashes. While CHP officers will be cracking down on street racing, it’s important to know that street racers aren’t the only drivers engaging in speeding and other dangerously aggressive driving habits.

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