Crash Victim Reunited With Missing Dog

Late Saturday night, a crash victim was reunited with the dog she lost during a rollover crash near Orcutt. According to Santa Barbara’s Noozhawk, Roberta Slosson spent an exhausting 2 and ½ days searching for Buddy after a rollover collision involving a semi truck last Thursday. That crash happened east of Lake Marie Estates, and although the Slossons did report pain after the collision, they did not go immediately to the hospital.

They were traveling with their two Boxer dogs, when their jeep rolled over in a crash involving a tractor trailer. One of the dogs was recovered safe and uninjured shortly after the wreck, but Buddy was missing for two days. Thankfully, witness reports led to his discovery, a little banged up and disoriented, but otherwise okay. The semi truck crash is still under investigation with the California Highway Patrol.

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