A San Diego woman was sentenced to eleven years in prison on Friday for hitting two girls with her vehicle and driving away. Fox Five San Diego reported on the matter and confirmed that Julianne Little was convicted in November of gross vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run. Julianne Little drove onto the sidewalk near a McDonalds and hit two girls, killing one and injuring another in Tierrasanta.

The young victim died three days after the incident. She suffered a traumatic brain injury and a broken spine. Her friend suffered a concussion and broken ankle. Julianne Little’s defense attorney told the jury she was not texting and driving and was tired and must have fallen asleep at the wheel. Also, Little’s attorney claimed she did not know she hit anyone. However, the Deputy District Attorney said that Julianne Little knew she hit the girls because the body of the girl was “right in front of her windshield” at the time of the incident. Other vehicles stopped at the scene to assist the victims while Julianne drove away to her house. She did return to the scene with her father.

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