DriveMode App Discourages Distracted Driving

From texting-teens and distracted adult drivers behind the wheel, it’s no secret that texting-while-driving has become a dangerous and deadly epidemic on U.S. roadways. Earlier this month, we reported on the California Highway Patrol’s Anti-Distracted Driving Campaign geared toward adult drivers. AT&T has come up with a great solution to help drivers make the commitment to distraction-free driving with their “DriveMode” application.

How Does the DriveMode App Work?

The DriveMode app will activate once your car starts traveling at 25 miles per hour or greater. Anyone who tries to text or email will automatically receive a reply saying that you’re driving, and you will get back with them soon. All calls are also sent to voicemail while the app is activated. You do get to choose five numbers that can always be called though, and in the event of an emergency, dialing 911 is always allowed. You can also use one navigation app and one music app while the DriveMode App is activated. The sounds of texts and emails are also disabled, so you won’t be tempted to check your phone while you’re driving. Finally, the app turns off after your car stops going more than 25 miles per hour for five minutes.

Who Can Download the DriveMode App?

The DriveMode app can be downloaded from Google Play, AT&T AppCenter, and Blackberry AppWorld. Currently, only users with AT&T Andriod phones and Blackberry users can download DriveMode. Unfortunately, at this time, the DriveMode app is not available for iPhones and certain similar smart devices. AT&T is reportedly looking for opportunities to expand availability to more uses though.

What About Other Distracted Driving Behaviors?

Okay, so distracted driving isn’t just limited to the use of smartphones. Hopefully, if people are using the DriveMode app, they’re also more aware of other potentially distracting behaviors behind the wheel. Just about any task, not related to actively driving, that takes your visual, manual or cognitive attention away from the road is a type of distraction. If you or a loved one has been injured in a crash involving a distracted driver, contact the skilled legal team at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. for a free consultation today.

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