There is new research from AAA affirming driving while drowsy is comparable to drunk driving. Apparently, it is crucial for adults to get seven to nine hours of sleep every night. For teens, experts suggest getting eight or more hours every night. According to AAA, drivers who miss only one to two hours of the recommended amount of sleep the night before, nearly double their risk for a crash, Today.com. An advisor and researcher for AAA stated that if you sleep less than four hours in a 24-hour given time frame you are as impaired as you would be twice the legal limit of alcohol.

Nodding off at the wheel is very common. Yawning and blinking frequently, drifting in adjacent lanes, and not remembering the last couple miles driven are symptoms of drowsy driving. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that one in twenty-five people confessed to nodding off at the wheel in the previous month.

Reminders Before Driving:

  • Ensure that you are getting seven to nine hours of sleep the night before a scheduled drive
  • Travel during the day
  • Do not take medications that might cause drowsiness
  • Take breaks during a longer drive

AAA says if you sleep five to six hours a night, you are almost twice as likely to crash. It is important to get your appropriate amount of sleep before putting your foot on the pedal. It is imperative that we as drivers remember that people are dying due to drowsy driving every year. Drivers take a risk every day getting into their vehicle not knowing the state of other drivers on the road. Please remember to get your Z’s and drive safely.

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