Dumb ways people get injured

People get injured in a variety of both believable and inconceivable ways. Sure, plenty of Americans get injured in car accidents each year. It’s not uncommon for recreational activities to result in injuries. Don’t think for a minute that you won’t get hurt on a jet ski because hitting the water is like hitting the concrete at high speeds. What about the injuries that seem dumb or unavoidable? Each year, countless Americans are going to the emergency room for injuries that are downright ridiculous, unbelievable and dumb.

Home Improvement

Injuries during home improvement projects are very common. People are watching HGTV. They may overestimate their renovation abilities, and crazy things happen. Staple guns are particularly common in many household-improvement-related injuries. Power drills can also lead to dumb injuries. Lesser known are injuries that result from seemingly innocuous manual tools like hammers. Of course, power saw injuries can be devastating.

Run Into a Solid Object

Running into a pole, post or other solid object is also a frequently reported dumb injury. It can happen for a number of reasons. Perhaps, your mind was elsewhere, or you were looking in another direction. It seems silly, but it does happen.

Literally Stepping onto a Garden Hoe

This doesn’t just happen to cartoon characters. Real people step on garden hoes too. They also get broken noses, black eyes and painful bruises.

The Least Threatening of Winter Sports

Tubing and sledding can also result in injuries. Sure, everybody knows that skiing and snowboarding can be dangerous, especially for people who leave the bunny slopes too soon. Tubing and sledding should be relatively safe, but think about Clark Griswold for a minute. A slippery sled, a steep hill and a can of non-stick cooking spray do not make for a safe and quaint winter’s journey.

Dumb Ways Kids Get Hurt

Adults aren’t the only people who get hurt in seemingly silly ways. Bouncy houses seem pretty safe, right? They’re inflatable and probably pretty soft, but apparently between 1990 and 2010, 65,000 children were seen in emergency rooms for ‘bouncy-house-related injuries.’ Adult supervision is absolutely required! Playground slides, shopping carts and home furniture may also pose hazard to children of all ages.

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