Escondido—The event, held at San Pasqual High School, hoped to send a significant message about drinking and driving by staging a mock car crash..

Unique in design and powerful in its impact, “Every 15 Minutes” is an educational experience that reminds High School students of the dangers of drinking and driving. The program originates from the National statistic, every 15 minutes an individual dies from an alcohol related accident. “The crash is staged, the emotions are real!”

The assembly, held Tuesday March 23rd, was complete with police, paramedics, and a life flight helicopter.

The student body watched as the driver of the simulated accident was arrested and the two passengers lost their lives.

In San Diego County, five students have died in alcohol related auto accidents since September of 2009.

40% of alcohol related car crashes involved teen fatality

60% of all teen deaths in auto accidents are alcohol related.,

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