Heavy Cars Are Safer

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A recent study out of the University of Buffalo found a disturbing correlation between car accident injuries and the prices of vehicles involved. An investigative report from Yahoo Autos reported on the findings. It may or may not come as a surprise that the more expensive a car is, the safer the occupants are in the event of a crash. It isn’t just about the safety advances and technology in more expensive cars, although that certainly helps, it’s also about the size of the cars involved. Large luxury SUVs are counted among some of the safest in real-world crashes.

Details of The Study

The University of Buffalo study looked at collisions between 360 vehicle models made between 2010 and 2012. This study picks up where the sterilized environment of single-car collisions and crash dummies in laboratories leaves off. Researchers looked at crashes in states with no-fault insurance policies and excluded sports cars due to their reduced use as ‘daily drivers.’ As it turns out, vehicle type, size and price are all statistically significant predictors of personal injury costs in the event of a crash. The study found that for every additional $10,000 you spend on a vehicle, personal injuries drop by nearly 12 percent. Furthermore, with every 1,000-pound increase in weight, vehicles were 19 percent safer in actual crashes.

Large Heavy Cars Are Safer in Crashes

While it seems pretty simple, there are some pretty serious implications to the study’s findings. In the event of a crash, larger heavier cars are significantly safer than smaller cars. Some of those smaller cars might even have fantastic government crash safety ratings. In the real world, they might be colliding with large luxury SUVs or four-wheel drive trucks. For a variety of reasons, occupants in smaller cars are at a serious disadvantage when it comes to automobile accidents. Unfortunately, many of these larger SUVs and trucks are virtually out of reach and unaffordable for many working class and middle class American families.

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