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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has some important safety tips for anybody planning their next bus trip. While bus travel is often a safe, affordable and comfortable method of transportation, consumers are urged to look into busing companies before they book trips. The FMCSA has an online search tool, so consumers and trip planners can search bus company safety records and other important information. Bus travel is one of the statistically safest forms of roadway travel, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely without risk, and not all bus companies are operating at the same level of safety.


FMCSA’s Key Steps for Bus Safety

  • Research bus company safety before you book your trip.
  • Learn about onboard safety and emergency equipment before your trip starts.
  • Buckle up whenever the bus is moving.
  • Report any safety or accessibility problems you encounter.


Look Before You Book

On the FMCSA’s website, you can search for a bus company’s safety record using their company name or their USDOT number. You can see whether or not the bus company has had any recent violations and look into issues like driver fitness. Additionally, there is also information about drug testing and vehicle maintenance available. This important data can help you to make an informed decision before planning or booking an upcoming bus trip.


Fatal Bus Crash in Pala Mesa

After the recent bus crash in Pala Mesa, officials are looking into the bus company associated with the crash. Although the fleet had no wrecks in the past couple of years, they did have at least 26 maintenance violations on record. As recent as a November 2019 inspection, the bus involved in the crash had violations related to windshield wipers and spare fuses. At this time, the Pala Mesa bus crash, that took three lives and injured 18 others, is still under investigation with authorities.

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