FMCSA’s Life Saving Efforts

FMCSA’s Life Saving Efforts in 2012

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has recently issued a press release about their life-saving efforts in 2012. They report that an annual analysis estimates that commercial vehicle roadside safety inspection and traffic enforcement programs saved nearly 500 lives in 2012. They also estimate that these programs have saved more than 7,000 lives since 2001. Additionally, they found that these life-saving programs prevented nearly 9,000 injuries and more than 14,000 crashes involving large trucks and buses.

Roadside Safety Inspections

Roadside safety inspections are typically conducted by individual states, but they are funded through annual grants from the FMCSA. These inspections adhere to the North American Standards (NAS) protocols, which are also in compliance with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA). To ensure accountability and standardization, the FMCSA’s National Training Center (NTC) and the CVSA conduct frequent inspector training programs across the nation.

Commercial Vehicle Traffic Enforcement

In addition to roadside safety inspections, the FMCSA has also increased efforts on commercial vehicle traffic enforcement. This program consists of two parts. The first part consists of traffic stops by law enforcement officers as a result of moving violations and the second is a subsequent roadside inspection. Since most law enforcement officers don’t possess commercial vehicle safety inspection certifications, the FMCSA has created a Large Truck and Bus Traffic Enforcement Training program. This free training helps to broaden an officer’s knowledge base on commercial vehicle inspections and safety, and is available online or in person in a variety of different formats for convenience.

Truck Accidents in San Diego

Accidents involving large trucks in San Diego and anywhere along the Central Coast can be absolutely devastating for victims. Not all law enforcement officers are properly trained and certified in commercial vehicle safety inspections. In many cases, truck accidents require additional lengthy investigative efforts to determine what happened. Since commercial drivers and trucking companies have additional federal regulations to follow, it’s essential to determine exactly what went wrong after an accident.

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