In December of 2016, an Oakland warehouse, known as Ghost Ship, caught fire taking the lives of 36 people during a concert/party. The owner and manager of the building have been accused of offering illegal housing in an unregulated space. NBC Bay Area reported on the ongoing investigation and found that the city of Oakland released more than 600 pages of documents relating to the warehouse. The Police were called out to the warehouse 2 years’ prior for different reasons:

  • March of 2015: Someone complained about an illegal rave with “drug and alcohol sales.”
  • March of 2015: “Knife incident,” man attempting to steal things with a weapon.
  • February of 2015: Police responded to a report of an illegally shared housing.
  • December of 2014: “Tennant was assaulted,” by the landlord.

The records also displayed illegally shared housing photos of another warehouse owned by the same owner. The photos show that multiple parties live in illegal quarters. This information tells the families of the Ghost Ship fire that the city did, in fact, know about the conditions. The city did not act until after the Ghost Ship fire incident.

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