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When you’re suffering due to a vehicle-related injury or a slip and fall accident, you need a local Hacienda Heights personal injury attorney who will listen and fight for your best interests.

Your daily life and future are at stake when you’re the victim of an accident. But insurance companies often look out for their own bottom line first.

At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc., we work for our clients’ best interests first — We’ve recovered more than $300 million in damages for our California clients.

You can afford us! We don’t get paid until you do, and your maximum compensation is always our goal. You always get a free initial consultation, too. We’re accessible. Someone from our legal department will answer your call 24/7.  If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you.

Need help seeking medical care? No problem — We’ll even facilitate your medical providers as needed.

Hacienda Heights Personal Injury Attorneys Can Fight for Your Recovery and Future

Accidents occur daily in Hacienda Heights, and it is important to know our team of accident attorneys are here to help you. Our legal team has helped hundreds of victims through the complex process of filing a claim.

Here are the various claims in which our lawyers in Hacienda Heights can help:

  • Car accident claims: It’s a bad news day for you if you’re injured in a car accident due to someone else’s driving error. Pain, time off of work, long lists of doctors’ visits — it all adds up. Our car accident attorneys in Hacienda Heights bring you relief and hope for a better future.
  • Motorcycle accident claims: If you love to bike the scenic routes or ride to save gas money, you’re vulnerable to careless or distracted drivers. Severe motorcycle injuries drain your time, relationships, and money. Let our motorcycle accident lawyers in Hacienda Heights work to relieve your financial strain and suffering.
  • Truck accident claims: You share the road with big rigs wherever you travel around Los Angeles county. Semi-truck accidents and congested roadways are a leading cause of serious injuries such as burns, spinal injuries, and even traumatic brain injuries.  Our experienced semi-truck injury attorneys will fight for the level of compensation you need to recover and have a future.
  • Bus accident claims: Riding the Foothill Transit in and around LA? No matter your plans for the day, a bus accident creates chaos and suffering. Call our bus accident attorneys in Hacienda Heights to bring clarity to the chaos and ensure your bus injuries claim gets prompt attention.
  • Boating accident claims: Boating in California is a year-round adventure if you’re an avid boater. One boater under the influence wrecks your plans and creates needless suffering and hardship for you. Prompt action and aggressive legal help is yours today if you call our Hacienda Heights boating accident attorneys.
  • Bicycle accident claims: A growing number of bicycle accident injuries in California means you should put our Harris Personal Injury Lawyers number in your contacts! Cycle safely and be on the lookout for distracted drivers.
  • Pedestrian accident claims: Hit and run accidents are a common reason for pedestrian accident injuries claims. Proving your claim is the challenge! Contact our Hacienda Heights pedestrian injury attorneys for experienced legal help.
  • Scooter accident claims: If you enjoy spending time at the Santa Monica beaches, you’ve spotted a Bird scooter or electric. Due to the growing number of Bird scooter accident injuries, our Harris Personal Injury Lawyers are prepared to help with scooter injury claims.
  • Train accident claims: The Metrolink light rail is a perfect way to reduce your commuter stress. If you’re injured in a train accident, though, you’ll need a knowledgeable train accident lawyer in Hacienda Heights to keep the big corporations from eliminating your best options for your recovery and future.
  • Airline accident claims: If an airline crash occurs, you or your loved ones are most likely face a wrongful death claim. Like flight insurance, keep our Harris Personal Injury Lawyers number handy should it be needed.
  • Uber and Lyft accident claims: Ridesharing accident injuries? Fighting multiple insurance companies to get fair compensation is an added pain. Call our Uber and Lyft accident lawyers for relief and sound legal guidance.
  • Turo accident claims: Turo rentals and an out of town tourist accident make for another complex injury claim. Our Turo accident lawyers in Hacienda Heights handle these complex claims for you!
  • Dog bite accident claims: Suffering from a dog bite injury is a life-changing. You may not feel safe hiking the local trails or even leaving your home. Our Hacienda Heights dog bite attorneys fight back for you so that you can recover and move forward with your life.
  • If a slip and fall accident that occurred on someone else’s property is ruining your life — such as suffering from severe back, neck, or even hip pain —  you may have a premises liability case.  Injuries due to poor lighting, broken handrails, or even a cracked and uneven parking lot should be the responsibility of the property owner. Our slip and fall injury lawyers in Hacienda Heights will give you a free initial consultation to evaluate your case.

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