San jose lyft accident lawyer

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers can help you after getting in an Uber or Lyft accident.

First, you should seek medical treatment for your injuries as quickly as possible. This will also be important documentation of your injuries when it comes time to present your case to the insurance company. After seeking initial treatment, it is important to retain a police report from the accident. Furthermore, contact our experienced Bay Area Lyft/Uber accident attorney’s before talking to any insurance companies. Harris Personal Injury Lawyers (HPI), will take over all the communication with both insurance companies to allow you to fully recover and focus on your health.


“But, hiring a lawyer is expensive…”

HPI only works on a contingency fee, meaning that if we do not win, we do not get paid. Our Bay Area personal injury lawyers understand that as the Bay Area traffic grows, the accident statistics rise consequently. HPI has earned a reputation as an aggressive law firm that will fight against insurance companies to get our injured Bay Area clients the compensation they deserve.


“How much is my Lyft/Uber accident case worth?”

Each case is unique in the fact that there aren’t any fixed prices associated with any injury. There are many factors that play into the evaluation of any case, including the amount of available insurance that the ridesharing companies have, the cost of medical bills, the percentage of liability. However, we do know that Uber and Lyft both have $1 million in liability insurance. This meaning, we can file a claim on your behalf under this policy which is made to cover and pay for any of your injuries.


The attorneys at HPI are confident in personal injury litigation and will get you the compensation you deserve. If you or someone you know has been involved in an Uber or Lyft accident, please our Bay Area accident lawyers for a free consultation.

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