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Harris Personal Injury Lawyers has recovered over $200 Million dollars for accident victims

Ridesharing companies are taking over the streets. Californian’s will never have to stand on a corner and wave down a yellow cab. As San Diego County’s urban population is rising, the number of accidents are rising simultaneously. We understand that putting your life in the hands of an Uber or Lyft is definitely considered a risk due to the sheer fact that you are being driven by a stranger. When you are injured in an accident, it is crucial to hire an attorney to fight for your rights. If you were in an Uber or Lyft at the time of the accident or have been hit by an Uber or Lyft, contact our experienced California ride-sharing accident attorney before talking to any insurance companies.

Our job is to alleviate your stress and help you navigate the complex process of getting the financial compensation you deserve. We remain sensitive to the recovery process, while also managing the complex legal process. We know that Uber and Lyft both have $1 million in liability insurance. Our legal team will immediately take over all communication with the insurance companies and ensure you will receive the same quality legal representation as large insurance companies. The value of a personal injury case is built over time as evidence is collected and injuries are diagnosed. Preserving evidence from Uber and Lyft accidents is extremely important and often crucial to the case.

The most common question our law firm gets, “Do I even need a lawyer?”

Not every personal injury case requires a lawyer. However, if you attempt to negotiate directly with an insurance company you will lack the negotiation leverage required to force a reasonable settlement. Harris Personal Injury Lawyers provides a free, no-risk consultation where the pros and cons of hiring a lawyer in your specific case can be discussed. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we understand the complexities of the legal system and we have a successful record of obtaining the compensation you deserve. We only work on a contingency fee, meaning that if we do not win, we do not get paid.



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