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Hit-and-Run Driver Sends Motorcyclist to the Hospital

Last week, a hit-and-run driver struck a local motorcyclist in San Diego. The collision happened on eastbound Mercy Road at the overpass for Intestate 15. According to ABC Channel 10 News, a driver ran a red light and struck David Dixon, who was riding his motorcycle at the time of the crash. In addition to a various fractures, bruises and bumps, Dixon also sustained a head injury.

When Dixon was struck, he remembers going airborne and then little else. He was knocked unconscious. Good samaritans and passersby quickly rushed to assist Dixon before first responders arrived on the scene. Law enforcement officials state that the hit-and-run driver was in a 2001 or 2004 white Honda Civic with a roof rack. Additionally, the car is missing the driver’s side mirror. Witnesses or anybody who has information on this vehicle is encouraged to speak up to the San Diego Police Department.

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