This morning a commuter train in Hoboken, NJ crashed into its platform (rail station). Traveling at high speeds, the train did not slow when arriving at the platform, and went off the tracks. Ultimately, the train crashed into the structure at full speed.  The tragic incident happened just after the height of work/rush-hour, traffic. NBC News stated, “The train originated from Spring Valley, New York, on the Pascack Valley line and was expected to arrive in Hoboken at 8:38 a.m. The accident occurred at 8:45 a.m. on track five.”  These trains do not have seat-belts, and transport thousands of people daily.  As of now there is not an exact number of the fatalities and injuries, although, there are many emergency vehicles in the area assisting the hundreds of passengers who were involved.  Investigators are examining the track, train and data to find out the cause of this accident. Train accidents are very dangerous and can cause serious or fatal injuries to people in the train and surrounding the train.  There are many factors that play into the cause of a train accident, and as complex as they are, personal injury lawyers can discuss the applicable laws and statues of limitations of these cases.

Tips to Survive a Train Accident

  1. Be aware and listen to all train announcements, do NOT wear headphones
  2. Move towards the back car, or sit near an exit door or window
  3. Alert the train conductor if you see any alerts/flashing lights
  4. Exit the train through a labeled exit
  5. Do NOT walk in the tracks

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