Honda Fined $70 Million for Failing to Report

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recently issued a press release about the hefty fines Honda is facing. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has issued a fine of $70 million dollars to Honda for failing to comply with laws that safeguard the public. They also report that the NHTSA issued more fines in 2014 than in the agency’s entire history.

In Violation of The TREAD Act

After the result of an in-depth investigation, the U.S. DOT has slapped Honda with two $35 million civil penalties for failing to report deaths, injuries and other certain warranty claims to the federal government in violation of the TREAD Act. Additionally, Honda has also agreed to increased oversight from the NHTSA and third-party auditors to make sure that all required reporting is happening.

Cracking Down on Automakers

The NHTSA is finally cracking down on automakers that aren’t following the rules. Honda wasn’t the only automobile manufacturer in hot water last year. From exploding airbags to faulty ignition switches, 2014 was the year illegal and unethical practices caught up with automakers. In 2014, they issued over $126 million in civil penalties, which is more than they’ve issued in their 43-year history.

Safety Recalls

Although this was a record setting year for civil penalties, we learned some important lessons about how automakers deal with problems. Mostly, they try to hide them. Many of the recalls and associated fines involved problems that had been going on for months and years. Even after automakers found out about and knew of ongoing problems, deadly and dangerous problems, they continued on with business as usual. We learned that automobile manufacturers can’t police themselves, and that they have to be held accountable when their products injure and kill people, or nothing changes.

Defective Car Parts

Safety recalls can take months or years to happen. In the meantime, motorists’ lives are put at risk. If you think a defective car part was to blame for your accident, report it. Contact the NHTSA to file a complaint and contact a skilled injury lawyer.

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