How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Get New Clients?How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Get New Clients?

As long as there are drunk drivers, negligent property owners, dangerous construction sites, and other societal hazards, personal injury lawyers will have clients. That doesn’t necessarily mean, however, that it’s exceptionally easy for the injured parties who need their help to find them.

Like businesses in virtually every other industry, law firms must implement a number of marketing initiatives to let accident victims know they exist—and those who want to be truly successful must also establish a good reputation along the way.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most common ways that personal injury attorneys get new clients:


    1. Referrals from Other Firms

Firms that limit their scope of practice know the value of establishing a close working relationship with other firms in the area. This allows them to secure much of their business from referrals.

That means if you recently declared bankruptcy or filed for divorce, you could ask the lawyer whom you hired to recommend a local personal injury firm. A long as you received quality counsel from the original attorney, it’s reasonable to assume you can trust him or her to refer you to someone just as reliable.


    1. A Strong Online Presence

Many people find lawyers by searching for firms in their area and then reading reviews that were written by past clients. As such, it’s important for practices to monitor their online presence closely. If they get a lot of negative reviews, it will likely hurt their stream of clients.


    1. Word of Mouth

Chances are you have at least one friend, loved one, or colleague who has filed a personal injury claim. If they happen to live in your state, ask whom they turned to for counsel and whether they had a good experience working with that particular firm. Although not the most common strategy for securing new clients, word-of-mouth still remains a fairly popular way for practices to get at least some of their business.


    1. Referrals from Medical Professionals

A lot of medical practices treat the same kinds of injuries over and over. For example, chiropractors often see patients who sustained whiplash in a car accident.

Because they want to provide the most comprehensive care possible, it’s not uncommon for such clinics to develop a business relationship with personal injury firms in their area. By referring their patients to a seasoned attorney, they can help them secure the funds needed to continue treatment without worrying about the unanticipated expense.


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