How Soon Should I Call an Attorney After a Car Accident?How Soon Should I Call an Attorney After a Car Accident?

Since there’s always a lot to do in the wake of a wreck, consulting an attorney is rarely at the top of anyone’s list. If there’s even a chance you sustained injuries, though, you should call a lawyer as soon as possible.

While your first priority should be your health, your second should be your financial security. Since the damages can add up fast in the aftermath of a collision, you should think about seeking legal counsel as soon as your condition stabilizes.


Let’s take a look at some of the biggest reasons to call an attorney right away following a car accident:

    1. To Facilitate the Investigation

In order to build a strong claim, you’ll need sufficient evidence of liability. And depending on the circumstances of the crash, some of that evidence may be time sensitive.

If the wreck was captured by any dash cams, for example, the owners of such footage are not obligated to retain it indefinitely. Other kinds of evidence that are vulnerable to being altered or destroyed include trucker’s logs, black box data, and surveillance recordings. Additionally, eyewitness testimony becomes less and less reliable as time goes on.


    1. To Avoid Making Critical Mistakes

Letting a car accident attorney handle all the logistics of your claim from day one will keep you from making critical mistakes that might otherwise hurt your chances of securing a payout. As long as you refer the insurer to your legal team, for example, they cannot pressure you into accepting blame or giving a premature recorded statement that essentially “locks in” the total damages. A lawyer will also make sure you don’t post anything on social media that might jeopardize your case.

Enlisting help early on will ensure you don’t overlook any recoverable damages, either.  Your attorney will start tracking all injury-related expenses from your very first meeting.


    1. To Focus on Your Recovery

Building a strong claim demands a lot of resources. What’s more, navigating the subsequent proceedings will be inherently complicated—especially if the opposing party proves uncooperative.

While recovering from serious injuries, you shouldn’t have to worry about consulting experts, calculating losses, or corresponding with the insurance adjuster. You should be focusing solely on your health, and hiring a car accident lawyer as soon as possible will allow you to do so.


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