How to Get a Safety Sign in Your Santa Maria Neighborhood

Getting a safety sign up in your Santa Maria neighborhood may be easier said than done. The Santa Barbara County’s Traffic Division website has some useful information for concerned community members who want stop signs, lower speed limits and “children at play” signs installed in their neighborhoods. As it turns out, a variety of research has been conducted regarding the efficacy of certain types of signs in residential areas. Community members might be surprised to find out that “children at play” signs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.

How to Get a Stop Sign in Your Neighborhood

Getting a stop sign put up is no easy feat in Santa Maria. Contacting the Traffic Division’s main office is the first step, but be warned that a variety of factors have to be met in order to get a stop sign. Standards regarding traffic speed, number of vehicles, sight distance and frequency of traffic gaps will all have to be considered. Concerned citizens should also know that in some cases, stop signs in neighborhoods don’t actually improve safety. Santa Barbara County’s Traffic Division makes it clear that under the wrong circumstances stop signs can be a bad choice for neighborhoods. In fact, there’s evidence that inappropriate stop signs can actually lead to an increase of intentional violations when used as speed control or perceived as a nuisance device. Additionally, offenders may even driver faster between these stop signs.

What About “Children at Play” Signs?

Getting a “children at play” sign installed seems like a no-brainer too. People should be aware that children are nearby. As it turns out, this is another sign that can sometimes do more harm than good. The Traffic Division finds that these signs give pedestrians a false sense of security. Additionally, federal standards reject these signs, since it implies that it is acceptable for children to play in or near the street. Finally, it would take a sign on every neighborhood street to make sure motorists know to look out for children.

Addressing Your Neighborhood Traffic Safety Concerns

If you feel there is a serious problem with unsafe drivers in your neighborhood, you should absolutely bring that to the attention of Santa Barbara County’s Transportation Division. Their main office can be reached at (805) 568-3000. Additionally, concerned citizens can also reach the Public Works Service Center, which is located in Santa Maria, at (805) 739-8750. Although it may not always be possible to have a new safety sign put up in your neighborhood, raising awareness about an issue and potentially being able to increase law enforcement presence at certain times or intersections may help to address the issue.

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