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If you’re hurting from a recent car accident or slip and fall injury, you may be hunting for immediate help. Did your insurance company offer to settle quickly, leaving you to wonder if the settlement will even pay your medical bills? If so, you may need to legal representation and advice from an experienced Huntington Park personal injury lawyer.

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Injury Claims We Can Help You With:

  • Car accident claims: Whether you commute into Los Angeles for work or for an enjoyable outing with family and friends, you know traffic will be a challenge. A car accident injury can spoil your outing and your future plans! A car accident can also be life-changing for those involved. It is important to know that our team of accident attorneys have years of successful trial experience and specialize in personal injury claims. For prompt and expert help, call our car accident attorneys in Huntington Park today.  
  • Motorcycle accident claims:  Maybe you bike to save money on gas or just to enjoy amazing biker rides in southern California. One serious motorcycle accident injury changes your life forever! Our Huntington Park motorcycle accident attorneys fight for your best possible future economic and physical recovery.
  • Truck accident claims: A semi-truck crash rarely ends well for any small vehicles involved. Burn injuries, as well as severe spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries, often result. Long term injuries deserve long term recovery compensation. Our truck accident lawyers work aggressively for long term best interests. 
  • Bus accident claims: If you commute using a regional bus, facing a bus accident injury is a stressful and challenging insurance battle. Our experienced bus accident lawyers in Huntington Park will handle these challenges for you!
  • Bicycle accident claims: When a hit and run accident or a negligent driver claims the life of your loved one, you shouldn’t be left facing a pile of bills. Our Huntington Park bicycle accident attorneys will help you determine if you have a wrongful death claim and will vigorously pursue your rights and financial compensation.
  • Pedestrian accident claims: Crowded events centers such as the nearby Staples Center can become hot spots for pedestrian injuries.  Serious or deadly injuries are often the outcome of pedestrian accidents. Get the legal expertise you need to recover yours or a loved one’s losses.  Contact our pedestrian accident lawyers in Huntington Park today.
  • Train accident claims: Train accidents are chaotic and frightening. Don’t let your train injury case slip through the cracks of a major insurance claims battle. Our expert train accident lawyers in Huntington Park will handle the major corporations involved. Your best financial outcome is our top priority.
  • Airline accident claims: No one wants to think of an airline crash — especially if you fly frequently for business! However, it’s peace of mind for your loved ones to have our Harris Personal Injury Lawyers phone number on hand.
  • Uber and Lyft accident claims: These convenient ridesharing options can become a complicated injury claims case if you have a car accident. Contact our experienced Uber accident and Lyft accident attorneys in Huntington Park today for help with your Lyft or Uber injuries case.
  • Turo accident claims: Turo rentals and an out-of-town tourist driver may spell a headache for you. If you’re injured in a Turo-related car accident, we have answers and solutions for your Turo injuries case. Just call our Turo rental car injury lawyers in Huntington Park.
  • Boating accident claims: Are the Malibu beaches or inland lakes your boating playground? Boaters under the influence are often the reason for boating accident injuries. Our Huntington Park boating accident attorneys have you covered.
  • Bird scooter accident claims:  If you’re injured on or by a Bird scooter, our Bird scooter lawyers in Huntington Park are ready to help.
  • Dog bite accident claims: When you’ve been attacked by someone else’s dog, you’ve suffered pain and fear. You shouldn’t have to pay the injury bills due to a dog owner’s negligence.  Due to dog bite laws that differ from area to area, you need a Huntington dog bite attorney who is knowledgeable in your local laws.
  • Is a slip and fall accident making your life miserable because of back, hip, or neck pain, and lost time at work? You may have a premises liability claim. Property owners are liable for injuries on their property due to broken or poor lighting, uneven pavement, and even a grease or water spill that has been neglected. Our slip and fall injury lawyers in Huntington Park will give you a free initial consultation.

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