Harris Personal Injury Scholarship Winner Fall 2020

Harris Personal Injury Scholarship Winner Fall 2020Madison Gervasi

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. Fall Injury Scholarship Winner

At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc., we value education and believe all students should have the opportunity to pursue higher education and success. Twice a year, our firm awards a $1,000 scholarship to a deserving student who has suffered a personal injury and, despite adversity, is dedicated to furthering their educational and career goals.

Being a personal injury law firm, our team understands the difficult process of rehabilitation and recovery accident victims often face after being seriously injured.  Our clients rely on our assistance to not only help them recover compensation from those who caused their injuries but also to help them recover from physical injuries to resume normalcy. We know that sustaining an injury, life-threatening or not, can burden one’s financial future.  As a result, we value the opportunity to give back to those students who have been injured and demonstrate extreme perseverance to further their educational goals.

We are proud to announce Madison Gervasi as the winner of our Personal Injury Scholarship this Fall. Madison faced the unthinkable when a car accident landed her in the hospital with a devastating list of injuries. A junior in high school, Madison had a long road to recovery including 21 broken bones, a ruptured spleen, extensive internal bleeding, a suffered stroke, and detrimental brain injuries. Despite doctors’ estimated 5% chance of her survival, Madison pulled through and after months of treatment and rehabilitation, beat all odds.

“Although I will continue to face obstacles, I know that each one of them has and will continue to make me stronger.

Madison had extreme challenges ahead of her as she relearned how to walk and catch up in her schooling to graduate with her senior class the following year after her accident. Working tirelessly and keeping a profoundly determined attitude about her ability to succeed, it is with great pride and honor we award Madison our scholarship this season! Staring her second year at Coastal Carolina University this Fall, the team at HPI wishes Madison all the best in her schooling, future career, and endeavors to come.

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