Cecilia Lopez

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. Fall 2021 Injury Scholarship Winner

At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc., we value education and believe all students should have the opportunity to pursue higher education and success. Twice a year, our firm awards a $1,000 scholarship to a deserving student who has suffered a personal injury and, despite adversity, is dedicated to furthering their educational and career goals.

Being a personal injury law firm, our team understands the difficult process of rehabilitation and recovery accident victims often face after being seriously injured.  Our clients rely on our assistance to not only help them recover compensation from those who caused their injuries but also to help them recover from physical injuries to resume normalcy. We know that sustaining an injury, life-threatening or not, can burden one’s financial future.  As a result, we value the opportunity to give back to those students who have been injured and demonstrate extreme perseverance to further their educational goals.

We are proud to announce Cecilia Lopez as the winner of our Personal Injury Scholarship this Fall. Our team was moved by Cecilia’s essay of determination towards her academic goals in the midst of recovery from a horrific accident. Cecilia was on a road trip with her sisters to Arizona, when her life was forever changed. A car on the opposite side of the highway spun out of control, after their tire popped, and hit them head on.

After rounds of being seen by surgeons, CT scans and MRI scans, she was told that her recovery would likely take anywhere from six months to a year. Cecilia had just begun her Bachelor program at The New School of Public Engagements when the accident occured. When given the choice between dropping the Fall 2020 Semester or continuing with some accommodations, she chose the latter to prove to herself and everyone around her that she would not let her traumatic experience define her.

I reminded myself daily that I only had to make it through the day, no matter what happened and that I would still be proud of myself…

Currently, Cecilia is on tracked to complete her degree at The New School of Public Engagements by 2024 with a Bachelor of the Arts and a major in Creative Writing. Which she hopes to use to transform the lives of underprivileged and underrepresented minorities through the art of storytelling and media.

The team at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, Inc. is proud and honored to award this scholarship to Cecilia and wishes her the very best in all her future endeavors!

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