Twice a year, Harris Personal Injury Lawyers gives a $1000 scholarship to college students who have suffered a serious injury, and are committed to demonstrating determination to rebuild their lives by attending college. Our second scholarship winner of 2018 is, Brooke Dewyea.

During the Summer of 2017, while training for an upcoming Summer Army ROTC Deployment to Africa, Brooke was struck by a car pulling a camper trailer. Brooke was immediately transported to a level 1 trauma center and was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. Brooke also sustained skull fractures and a suffered subarachnoid hemorrhage. After spending a week in the hospital in an almost comatose state, Brooke finally regained full consciousness, but only remembered a little from her first week in the hospital. She then was transferred to the hospital’s in-patient intensive rehabilitation center. Brooke’s rehab was extensive, and she knew that every day was going to be a fight.

“Cognitively, I struggled with attention span, memory, understanding, and speech. Aside from physical and cognitive effects, I struggled with episodes of depression, anxiety, anger…” – Brooke Dewyea

Shortly after starting rehabilitation, Brooke suffered a cerebral spinal fluid leak that caused temporary blindness and memory loss; as a result, she had to be readmitted to the hospital. Though disappointed in the set-back, Brooke was determined to be the patient that recovered before the doctors said she could, so she asked a million questions and proactively sought ways to advance her rehabilitation.

At the time of her accident, Brooke was a college student on a pre-health track.  However, her injuries were so severe that she needed to take a year of medical leave from school to focus on her recovery.  Still, Brooke had a goal of finishing her undergraduate degree, going on to medical school, and ultimately becoming a Physician’s Assistant that specializes in treating traumatic injuries so that she can make a difference in others’ lives. Brooke knew that her unfortunate accident was an opportunity to rise and grow stronger, so that is what she did. She is now working towards her dreams as a student at University of San Diego.

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