Tristen Ann Sharp

“My struggles have been great, but my strength and determination have been so much greater.”– Tristen Ann Sharp

In October 2015, sixteen-year-old, Tristan Ann Sharp was hit by a car in Mt. Vernon, Illinois on her way to church. Tristen was known to be a bubbly cheerleader, first in her class and full of heart at the time of the accident. Her world was rocked once she crossed the street. She suffered from horrendous brain swelling, fractured sinus cavity, three pelvic fractures, a punctured lung, numerous abrasions, wounds, and infections all over her body. Tristen spent three weeks in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit with a dismal recovery. After transferring to a rehabilitation center, her assessments were not promising and was estimated that she would remain in the facility for quite some time. She could not walk, talk or even swallow. Although, her family knew she would push through the coma-like state and recover faster than the doctors anticipated. After a week in rehabilitation, she progressed “by the grace of God.” Following many surgeries and weeks of outpatient therapy, Tristen was able to attend school in March of 2016. Currently, her recovery is an ongoing process as she has memory loss and will need future surgeries.

Tristen’s education was her focus in life prior to the accident. She was enrolled in college courses as a junior to obtain college credits. She is now spending her energy on her recovery with the goal of becoming a lawyer and is currently sixteenth in her class.

The team at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers is proud to provide a $1,000 scholarship to Tristen Ann Sharp for overcoming a life changing accident. Tristen and her family have suffered a tragic time with what seemed to never have an end in sight. Tristen’s toughness allowed Tristen to excel, progress and recover so quickly.  Tristen never viewed herself as a victim, but a survivor. She will do great things in her future, and we are more than happy to help.

To check on Tristan’s recovery, please visit “Tristen Tough” Facebook page.


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