Injury scholarship essay winner, Victor, running cross country.

 Injury scholarship essay winner, Victor, running cross country. At Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, we value education, and we believe all students should have the opportunity to pursue higher education to further their dreams. Twice a year, Harris Personal Injury Lawyers gives a $1,000 scholarship to a deserving student who has suffered a personal injury in his or her life and is dedicated to furthering his or her education.

Being a personal injury law firm, our team understands the difficult process of rehabilitation and recovery accident victims often face after being seriously injured.  Our clients rely on our assistance to not only help them recover compensation from the person that caused their injuries, but also to help them recover from their physical injuries so they can get back to normal life. We know that sustaining an injury, life-threatening or not, can burden someone’s financial future.  As a result, we like to give back to those students who have been injured, and their perseverance shows that they are willing and able to further their dreams and solidify their educational goals.

This year’s essay contest winner is Victor Hernandez. Victor sustained life-altering injuries when he was struck by a vehicle on his bicycle at the age of 9. Victor was on life support for three weeks, was in a vegetative state for nearly two months, and ultimately remained in the hospital for three months. Victor sustained broken bones and facial fractures on top of dealing with major head trauma and a serious brain injury. Victor’s doctors implanted a Baclofen pump in his abdomen to help him with stiffness and tightness in his body due to his brain injury and a gastronomy tube for food.

Unable to speak or walk, Victor’s persistence and drive allowed him to recover at an unbelievable rate. He slowly developed the ability to speak again.

After being told he would never walk again, Victor worked harder with his physical therapist and occupational therapist and now runs cross country.

“Every day is a challenge, but I always find a way to get up and attack life at my full potential by any means necessary. Although some days are more challenging than others, I always try to remind myself of my goals, and remind myself why I am doing all these difficult things each day…” —Victor Hernandez

Victor lives by the phrase “Never give up,” and he wants to continue to grow as an individual no matter what obstacles get in the way. Now attending Shasta College in Northern California, Victor aspires to graduate with a masters degree in math become a math teacher. The team at Harris Personal Injury Lawyers found Victor’s story inspiring and fully deserving of the injury scholarship. We wish you the best Victor!

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