Keeping Halloween Happy with Designated Drivers

With Halloween around the corner, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is publicizing their annual safety campaign. They are advocating for partygoers to make safe and sober transportation arrangements before celebrating or taking part in festivities. Halloween night and Halloween weekend are traditionally dangerous times to be out on the road. Even though impaired drivers face stiff legal penalties like jail time, court costs and fines, they’re still getting behind the wheel on Halloween night.

Halloween Drunk Driving Statistics

• From 2007 to 2011, 52 percent of nationwide fatalities on Halloween night occurred during drunk-driving crashes.
• In 2011, 44 percent of nationwide fatalities on Halloween weekend involved a drunken driver or motorcycle rider.
• In 2011, nearly half of all drunk drivers killed in car crashes nationwide during the Halloween period were 21 to 34-year-old males.

Plan Ahead

The NHTSA offers people a variety of great tips to avoid getting into trouble on Halloween. In addition to staying out of jail, responsible partygoers can help keep the roads safer for everybody. First and foremost, the NHTSA recommends that partygoers make their plans ahead of time. Listed below are five great ways to ensure a safe and enjoyable Halloween night or weekend.

NHTSA Safety Tips for Halloween

1. Always make a plan for safe and sober transportation before the festivities begin.
2. Always choose a designated driver before going out.
3. If you’re impaired, find a safe ride home.
4. If you see erratic, unsafe or drunk driving, contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.
5. If you know somebody is about to drive drunk, take his or her keys away, and find that person an appropriate alternative to get home safely.

Finally, the NHTSA also wants people to know that buzzed driving is drunk driving. Halloween is a particularly dangerous and deadly night, because drunk and buzzed partygoers get behind the wheel. Always make plans ahead of time, and always find a ride if you’ve been drinking.

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