baby car seat safety nhtsaKeeping Infants Safe and Warm in Car Seats

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently issued a press release about the dangers associated with bulky coats on children, infants, and toddlers in car seats. While we certainly have to think about car seat safety and infant safety during the summer months, there are other issues to consider during colder weather too.

Parents and caregivers are reminded to always check the car seat for the baby before getting out of the vehicle since there are wintertime concerns as well. Since children are more susceptible to cold injury than adults, no child should be left alone in a vehicle during cold weather either.


The Dangers of Puffy Coats on Infants in Car Seats

Bulky or puffy coats should never be on infants and children who are buckled into car seats. A large coat can create extra room between the child and the car seat harness. This can result in a loose fit of the harness, which can put the child at risk for injury or death in the event of a crash.

Car seat harnesses should always be properly adjusted and fit children and infants snugly. Instead of a bulky or puffy coat, choose lightweight layers to make sure the harness can still fit the child’s body snugly.


Keeping Babies Safe in Car Seats During The Winter

If you’re concerned about your child getting cold in the vehicle, you can always add a blanket on top of the harness or even put the coat on backwards over the buckled up harness. The NHTSA has great resources for parents and caregivers regarding safe car seat practices and winter coats.

Planning for roadside emergencies is also a good idea, especially if you’re traveling to areas with colder climates. Make sure to pack blankets, food, water, and a cell phone charger.


Car Accidents in San Diego

Parents and caregivers are reminded to make sure their children are always buckled up into age and size-appropriate car seats. Car seats are the single most effective way to prevent and reduce the chance for injuries to children, infants, and babies in the event of a crash.

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