Isla Vista is known for beach side houses with beautiful ocean views neighboring the University of California Santa Barbara. With over 20,000 students in attendance, Isla Vista is extremely over-populated. In 2013, a balcony collapsed during a house party in Isla Vista, injuring countless people below. There were three plaintiffs who pursued representation. Although, there were  twenty people or so, who were injured from the collapse. The property managers claimed that there were too many people on the deck which caused the deck to snap and break. However, according to Noozhawk, “The plaintiffs’ attorney, Robert Clayton, claimed that wood rot and a termite infestation, the result of property management negligence, were the causes of the collapse.” The lawsuit was brought against the property management company, Wolfe and Associates, and the owners of the property.

Thankfully, no one was fatally injured, and the injuries ranged from fractured bones to torn muscles and ligaments. The medical bills ranged from $6,000-$80,000 as well. The settlement concluded with the property owners’ insurance company paying $1.5 million, while Wolfe and Associates’ insurance company paid $100,000. Both sides disagree on the termite topic, saying that an inspection occurred and one side saying it did not. The judge affirmed that the property owner was not negligent on the matter.


Photo: Isla Vista House

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