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When a person buys a motorcycle, it is common for friends and family to express concern about the dangers of riding. Even the most responsible bikers can get hit by negligent drivers, and with little protection from impact, these crashes almost always result in serious injuries. If you or someone you love was hurt in such a collision, our Long Beach motorcycle accident attorneys can help you pursue monetary damages from the at-fault party.

Healthcare bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property repairs—these and other damages may be recoverable depending on the facts of your case. Our lawyers will combine their vast knowledge of personal injury law and procedures with proven legal strategies to fight for the highest settlement or verdict possible. If we don’t win, you won’t owe any attorney’s fees.

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Motorcycle Accident Cases We Handle in Long Beach

  • Motorcycle-Commercial Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle-Car Accidents
  • Motorcycle-Bus Crashes
  • Motorcycle-Turo Vehicle Crashes
  • Motorcycle-Pedestrian Accidents
  • DUI Motorcycle Crashes
  • Motorcycle-Rideshare Accidents
  • Motorcycle Crashes Resulting in Catastrophic Injury
  • Motorcycle-Scooter Crashes
  • Wrongful Death Motorcycle Crashes
  • Other Motorcycle Crashes

What If I Was Breaking the Law When the Accident Occurred?

Just because you were breaking a traffic law when the accident occurred does not mean your claim will be denied or even reduced in value. If, however, it is determined that your own negligence contributed to the accident, your award of damages may be reduced by your percentage of fault.

For example, let’s assume you were stopped at an intersection in the middle of a clear day. Your brake light was out and you were rear-ended by another vehicle. Due to the time of day and clear weather conditions, it is determined that an ordinary driver would have noticed your motorcycle regardless of the brake light being out; however, it is also determined that if your brake light had been working, it might have prevented the accident or caused the other driver to apply the brakes earlier, thus reducing the severity of the collision.

In this scenario, a jury might conclude that you were 20 percent at fault. Under California’s pure comparative negligence system, your award of damages would therefore be reduced by 20 percent.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Long Beach have extensive experience in personal injury and wrongful death cases that involve shared fault. We know how to avoid and overcome liability disputes by gathering evidence, bringing in various experts to provide deposition, and incorporating the relevant case law and statutes into our legal strategy. If it turns out that your own negligence was a contributing factor, we will do everything in our power to minimize the percentage of fault assigned to you.

What If I Return to Work Against My Doctor’s Instructions?

When the medical bills are mounting, it can be tempting to return to work before your doctor says it’s okay to do so. Unfortunately, even if you take precautions to avoid aggravating your injury, ignoring your doctor’s orders could cause the insurance adjuster to say that you’ve failed to mitigate your damages, and your monetary award could, therefore, be reduced.

Insurance claimants have a duty to mitigate their damages. That means you need to take reasonable steps to minimize your medical bills and other losses. If your own negligence causes your injury to worsen or prolongs your recovery, this would constitute a failure to mitigate your damages.

Returning to work too early is just one of many ways that such a dispute could arise. You might also face accusations of failing to mitigate your damages if you participate in strenuous activities, fail to fill your prescriptions, miss your doctor’s appointments, or even go out to dinner with friends. While you may think the insurance adjuster would never find out about such indiscretions, it is possible that you will be placed under surveillance or that your social media accounts will be monitored for evidence that can be used against you. Posting a picture of you out with friends, for example, could be enough to jeopardize your claim. You can also expect the insurance adjuster to review your medical records to find out if you’ve been keeping up with your treatment program.

Our Long Beach motorcycle accident lawyers can explain the steps you should take and the mistakes you must avoid to protect your claim. One error could be the difference between obtaining a fair settlement and walking away with nothing. For this reason, it is important that you seek legal counsel right away so you don’t make an early mistake that harms your case down the road.

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